Thursday, September 20, 2018

Color Story: Pigments vs. Dyes

Pigments vs dyes
Pigments are coloured powders that do not dissolve in the liquid with which they are mixed. They have to be regularly mixed and ground in the (liquefied) binder. Properties of the paint such as colour, tinting strength, opacity/transparency and lightfastness are determined, among other things, by the type of pigment used. If a colour-giving substance dissolves in a liquid (disintegrates such as sugar in water) we do not call the colour-giving substance a pigment but a dye.
a. Pigment – insoluble
b. Dye – soluble


Lightfastness and application

The lightfastness of soluble dyes in paint or ink is poor to moderate. They are therefore not used in products for artists. A painting must be seen, and light is necessary for this; the colours must therefore be durable.
For the illustrator or hobby artist lightfastness is not so important. An illustration is printed, after which the original can be kept in a dark place; children and hobby artists do not have the same requirements as artists when it comes to the durability of colours. Due to their solubility dyes are highly suited for colouring thin liquids with a particular transparency as well as transparent inks.
Soluble dyes bleed; the colour penetrates other paint layers or spreads throughout the immediate area.
Royal Talens uses dyes only in two products: Ecoline (with the exception of white and gold) and waterproof drawing ink (with the exception of white and black). The lightfastness of these products is not indicated on their packaging. Works of art produced with soluble dyes can be best stored sealed. The above exceptions are pigmented, opaque and very lightfast.

Monday, August 13, 2018



It was a great afternoon on our sales floor, as Jim Minet
educated and entertained a large crowd of customers.  He
used RGM Palette Knives with Sennelier Rive Gauche Oils
on a Masterpiece Canvas.

The group learned a lot watching Jim at work and asking lots
and lots of questions about the paints, the knives, the canvas
and mostly the "how to" stuff - working with knives.

Friday, July 27, 2018

Metallic Oil Colors: Copper, Rich Gold, Pale Gold, and Silver

Kit King

How do you capture the glistening of water? You could paint a reflection, but it still won’t reflect the sun like water. It won’t catch your eye, or dance with you like water.
Kit King Gamblin Silver Oil Painting
Kit King, Cold and Clear, oil on linen
The real metal pigment in the Silver emulates the reflective nature of water. When light hits the painting, the little beads of water glimmer and the painting comes to life- suddenly there is movement and breath.
I opted not to use white for the highlights, but rather thick strokes of Silver, which protrudes further than the rest of the flat surface, so that the raised areas catch the light and reflect a vibrant, specular highlight that gives the illusion of an ultra-bright white. Given the reflective nature of the Silver, the painting shifts in value as you walk by it – unlike traditional grey which remains fixed – the painting moves with lights and darks according to your position to it and the light in the room, and a little dance happens between the subject of the painting and the viewer.
Kit King Mirage Oil Painting With Gamblin Silver Oil Paing
Kit King, Mirage, oil on linen
This movement is an important key to my work. I’m always looking for new ways to step away from traditional fixed and stagnant portrait painting to give breath to my art, and push the boundaries of oil painting as a medium. The metal pigment series of oil paints by Gamblin is just one way I chose to explore this.
Kit King

Thursday, June 7, 2018

A Special Introduction

As Special Introduction
Rocco LoConte

Artwork framed by our Senior Designer, Rocco LoConte. Pictured at
Both Gallery's Opening Reception with owner Bryant Toth and Artist Alain Pino.

It has taken us a while to make the formal introduction/announcement that Rocco LoConte has joined the Jerry’s Artist Outlet family, as Manager of our Custom Framing & Design Studio.

Rocco has been part of the Jerry’s family for quite a few months and many of you may have had the pleasure of working with him.  His reputation as a Custom Framer and Restoration Artist is stellar. Rocco’s framing experience is celebrated in both private and corporate endeavors and he has greatly expanded credentials and services to Jerry’s Award Winning Frame Shop.  Now, Jerry’s can offer museum quality restoration of your art, in house, at a fair price and with superior results.

Having run successful businesses for himself and others in the past, we were thrilled when he agreed to join our team.  Rocco is a Jersey Boy, with roots in our community and friends and customers all over the world. His talent and personality is much appreciated here at Jerry’s by coworkers and customers alike.  The seamless way that he and Peter have worked together to expand and raise the level of expertise in our Custom Framing Studio is admirable.

We welcome Rocco LoConte to the Jerry’s Artist Outlet family and we encourage you to come in and check out Northern New Jersey’s Premiere Framing & Design Studio at Jerry’s Artist Outlet. 

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Some pics from LOVING VINCENT!


This was back on March 25th - but I never shared any pics.


  Our day with Kyle Richardson - from Royal Talens and Kenzie Sutton - artist from the movie LOVING VINCENT were truly superior!

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Fredrix Canvas Stretching March 24th

John did a great job teaching us all about canvas and stretching.


We have many different canvases by Fredrix

Everyone got to use the canvas pliers, staplers, stretcher
bars and of course - they stretched their own canvases


Come to our events and be entertained,
be educated, be surrounded by artists
in you community and enjoy yourself!!!

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Liqutex New Cadmium Free Colors

New Cadmium-Free Colors

The world’s first non-cadmium acrylic paint with the same performance as cadmium paint.
Watch it in action
Leave the risk taking to your art, not your choice in materials. Our new cadmium-free paints deliver the same performance, lightfastness, and vibrancy as our existing cadmium paints – they’re just safer for you.
"We’ve actually worked on this for the last three years, and believe that we’ve finally cracked the cadmium code."

Paul Lamoureux, 
Innovation & Development Director


      Cadmium           Cadmium-Free
image description
image description

Brightness  ✔  Color Strength  ✔ Opacity ✔ Clean mixing  ✔ Safer for you ✔


image description

Cadmium-Free Red Medium Color code - 894
Series - 5
Opacity Rating - Opaque
Sizes - 59ml & 138ml
  • image description

AP seal identifies art materials as safe and certified by a medical expert to contain no materials in sufficient quantities to be toxic or harmful to humans